The scientific program committee selected a few symposia, considering the highest scores of the ISBNPA 2020 review process, and invited them to have a webinar session to present and discuss with you their research.

The scientific program committee selected a few abstracts, considering the highest scores of the ISBNPA 2020 revision process. These authors pre-record the presentations and are invited to be at a live session to discuss with you their research. You should watch the recordings beforehand, and be ready for to post your questions in the scheduled zoom meeting.   

All the selected abstracts for ISBNPA were contacted to record (or pdf) their presentations. These will be posted and have a dedicated Q&A platform. You will be asked, as a presenter, to answer to the questions posted there and, if you want, promote a Meet-Up session via the ISBNPA XChange platform; the app that supports the initiative makes it very easy to do. For example, I will schedule a Meet-up to discuss using Machine Learning to crunch physical activity’ wearables data on June 29, 9PM GMT. Do you want to join in?  

You can still access the recordings of all sessions, the offline Q&A tools and the extended activities period. All presentations will be included in a citable abstract book. The registration will also offer the 2020 ISBNPA membership, so you will have access to all its benefits.

Yes, all individual presentations are in the same category. You will have the same exposure as an ISBNPA 2020 selected oral presentation. Just record your presentation and send it to us. If you prefer, you may also submit a pdf of your poster. 

The deadline to submit your recorded presentation is May 31st, 2020. All presenters of accepted 2020 abstracts received instructions via email on how to upload the presentation. Should you require assistance, please contact [email protected]

Check out our Guidelines for Presenters page for tips on how to record your presentation. 


While a live presentation is preferred, if you are unable to participate in the live webinar, you may submit a recording of your presentation to be aired during your live symposia timeslot. Please contact [email protected] for further instructions.